Volunteer Programs

Education Empowerment


Teaching is about more than just reading from a book and having students recite words like robots. It is about empowering the young people of today to make a real difference in the world tomorrow. Education is a powerful tool when used correctly and has the ability to shape future generations and societies for years to come. 


Mindfulness Meditation


Mental and emotional well-being is essential to a happy and fulfilled life. For many generations, caring for your metal health was unrecognised in society as something that should be openly talked about. Today, we know how important it is to care for your emotional well-being and our Mindful Meditation programs help to teach young people how to deal with negative emotions. 


Wildlife Conservation


The wildlife in Thailand is constantly under threat from numerous sources. Whether it is wildlife tourism, wild animals used for entertainment purposes, keeping wildlife as pets, or even eating endangered animals, there is a lot of work to be done if we want to preserve the amazing animals that live across Thailand. 


Marine-life Conservation


The tropical waters around Thailand are home to some of the most beautiful and incredible marine-life on this planet. However, pollution, plastics, waste, and other threats are leading to the rapid decline of the life which inhabit these waters. Marine-life Conservation projects educate and work to protect Thailand's seas. 


Sustainability in Thailand


Thailand is an expanding country with sprawling cities invading some of the most fertile lands in South East Asia. Learning and understanding how to manage sustainability across Thailand is essential for the future of the country. Our sustainability projects work closely with local communities to help them get the most from their land.