Thailand volunteers

Working Together For A Better Future 

"Thailand Volunteers value the importance of education, focusing on developing teachers and educators for the needy and underprivileged. We believe that education and the giving and sharing of knowledge and skills is the ultimate gift. Therefore, through sacrificing time as a volunteer, people can share wisdom, knowledge, and capabilities, becoming better people for themselves and society as a whole. These values of education and personal development are the key to Thailand Volunteers Mission and Vision for a better society."  

Our Values

Thailand Volunteers value education, sustainability, animal welfare, and the environment among others. 


These values are taught in our various programs throughout Thailand, helping the next generation to feel empowered and motivated to follow their dreams and work towards a brighter and happier future for humanity.

Our Vision

Thailand Volunteers maintains a vision of a brighter and happier tomorrow, achieved through education and empowerment.


We believe the sharing of culture, beliefs, knowledge, and capabilities can lead to a generation prepared to take on the challenges of the world and can help future generations lead a more fulfilled life.

Our Aim

Thailand Volunteers aims to connect underprivileged and needy children with volunteers from around the world. 


Through the sharing of skills, knowledge, and beliefs, we hope to expand the horizons and provide opportunities for children around Thailand to make a real difference to the world in terms of society, sustainability, and the environment. 

Working Around Thailand

Thailand Volunteers has established a presence throughout Thailand, educating underprivileged children, empowering young adults, conserving wild- and marine-life, and teaching sustainability techniques to small communities.  Our programs stretch the length and breadth of the country, covering areas including:


  • Bangkok
  • Location
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Our reach around the country allows us to work with some of the most deprived communities and make a real difference for people who would otherwise be forgotten. 

Our Organisation

Thailand Volunteers is an independent organisation that is fully self-sustained. We do not receive any benefits, grants, or have any connection with any government or religious groups. While we are a non-profit organisation, we also require funds to create, maintain, and evolve our projects around Thailand.


For this reason, we charge minimal fees to volunteers who wish to participate in our programs. These project fees help us to sustain our projects, cover the costs of accommodation, visas, food etc. for volunteers, and maintain a quality volunteer projects which benefit both the volunteers and the people who they help. 


We keep our fees as low as possible and offer continual support to our volunteers when arranging travel Thailand, staying in Thailand, and after they finish their volunteer experience. 



Get Involved

SPONSORING a program

We are continually seeking financial support to maintain our programs around Thailand. If there is a particular cause you are interested in sponsoring, we are extremely grateful to receive donations of any amount. Our sponsors help to us to achieve our goals of educating and preparing the youth of Thailand for tomorrow. 


Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our programs, helping to share knowledge and experience with the next generation. We have numerous vacancies around Thailand with projects ranging from empowerment to sustainability and wildlife protection. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and have a skill to share, please contact us today.